Morem Electric Gets Peace of Mind from Heartland Security

Morem Electric Gets Peace of Mind from Heartland Security

In small communities, having personal connections is important. When a neighboring business was looking to upgrade a security system, Stuart Morem, of Morem Electric, Inc, of Harmony, Minnesota, referred them to Heartland Security because of a connection he had made a few years earlier with the cooperative-owned business. "I had met with the General Manager, Guy Adams, when Heartland Security was first looking to expand service in this area," Morem says. "Later on I found out I knew the local sales manager, Tom Vega, from a previous job he had."

It wasn't long after his neighbor's security system was successfully upgraded by Heartland Security that Morem's insurance agent mentioned that a security system may be a good idea for his business. "We had a trailer stolen from the property a year ago," Morem explains. "In the back of my mind, I thought I may come into work one day and find out someone had been in and had stolen or damaged equipment."

During Morem's 35 years in the electrical business, he has crossed paths with other security system companies, but when the time came to have one conduct a security audit and provide an estimate on the cost of a system for his business, he made only one call. "I felt most comfortable choosing Heartland Security," Morem says.

The security system at Morem Electric includes perimeter sensors on the entry doors and overhead doors along with a few motion sensors. Morem likes the flexibility of having a security system that can be expanded to include additional sensors or video surveillance if and when he feels that is necessary.

Security systems for residential, commercial, and agricultural settings can be customized with sensors that detect breaking glass, motion, temperature, smoke, carbon monoxide, and water. Video surveillance is becoming more popular for home and business owners. Proximity cards for employee access, specialized monitoring, and custom equipment for reliability in all types of weather are just a few services available to business owners and farmers.

Morem says the installation of the system went well. "The installer was very courteous, neat, and conscientious of my property," Morem notes. Morem acknowledges that people may be a bit apprehensive about operating a security system. "It is very simple to use," Morem assures.

When asked if he felt the system and monitoring provided a good value, Morem's simple answer is yes. "When you think about the costs you could potentially have if someone damaged or stole your equipment, having a security system is inexpensive. There is a cost for replacing tools, equipment, vehicles, and the possible downtime you may have as a result of a break-in," Morem explains. "Having a security system provides peace of mind."

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Stuart Morem has been in the electrical business for 35 years. He acknowledges that break-ins can be costly for business owners and now has peace of mind knowing his property is protected by a Heartland Security system.