The Power to Protect

Your home, your business, your loved ones. Rely on Heartland Security to safeguard whatever matters most to you.

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Burglary, fire, and water damage are threats for any homeowner. A security system from Heartland Security is an affordable, reliable way to help keep your home, family, and valuables safe. We offer a variety of sensors and cameras to custom-design an alarm system that meets your specific needs and can alert you about intruders, smoke, carbon monoxide, water problems, and extreme temperatures.

Stay secure at home

We partner with, an innovative wireless service that keeps you in touch with what’s happening at home. With our home automation features, you can create a schedule for your thermostat and adjust it at any time, right from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Put the control into your hands

We can help you protect your business against theft. Your office houses your employees, customer information, trade secrets, inventory, and money. With a security system and cameras for your business, you’re protected 24/7 from intruders, fire, flooding, and temperature variances.

Protect your livelihood

If you live alone or have a medical condition that limits your mobility, we offer 24/7 medical alert systems that can help you maintain your independence. You'll wear a wireless emergency button in a pendant around your neck or on your wrist. Simply push the button for immediate help.

Worry-free independence