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To get a monitored security system, do I need a land phone line?

No, but a monitored system needs to have some form of communication to the response center. If you don’t have a landline, we offer cellular communicators that send information via cellular towers. A small charge exists for this module, but it is often cheaper than the cost of keeping a landline. We can also use this technology as a back-up to an existing phone line.

What is the average cost of a monitored home security system?

The average total cost of a basic home security system, if purchased through a local company, can run between $1500 to $2000. The average cost of basic monthly monitoring tends to be around $20-$25. However, some people want their systems to do different things, such as monitor temperature, water, or fire, and additional features may increase the cost of your system or monthly monitoring. For more information about the average price of a security system, see our blog post, “How Much Does a Security System Cost?”

Heartland Security does offer a basic security system package starting at $95 for residential and small business customers. The best thing to do is call our office so we can get you the customized information you need.

Do I have to pay monthly monitoring fees?

We would first ask, why spend the money on a security system if you are not notified of a problem? Without monitoring, you are depending on a siren to scare away an intruder or a neighbor to report suspicious activity.

Also, off-site monitoring is what can give you insurance discounts. It is all about reducing loss to you and your insurance company. The sooner you are notified of a problem, the sooner you can take action, which reduces your risk of loss.

Can you put systems in existing homes or businesses?

Yes, we have both wired and wireless systems that we can use in existing homes and businesses. Our highly trained technicians can install an alarm system in almost any home or business.

I see you are a cooperative-owned company. Can I still get a system if I am not a member of a cooperative?

Absolutely! We have customers all over central, western, and southern Minnesota and northern Iowa. There is no requirement to be a cooperative customer to receive services from Heartland Security. 

There are several security systems companies out there. What makes you better?

Heartland Security really cares about our customers and we are a company with integrity. Any smooth-talking sales representative can write up a sale, but will that company still be there for you years down the road? Heartland Security will. We’re owned by 13 rural electrical cooperatives, so taking care of our customers is the cooperative way. We take pride in providing the best service possible to our customers. We also have top-notch technicians, a knowledgeable sales team, and caring office staff. All of our employees have background checks, and our UL-listed monitoring station is local and operating 24/7. Thousands of customers have trusted us to help them protect what matters most, and you can too.

How difficult are security systems to run?

Systems out there today are very easy to operate, even if you are not a computer whiz!

What kind of insurance discounts are there?

There are several companies that offer discounts for putting security systems in homes or businesses, but the range is all over the board, depending on what area you live in and what discounts you are currently getting. We would say the average is between 3-12 percent, but we would recommend that you call your homeowner’s insurance agent.

How long does it take to install a security system?

Again, all systems are different, but the average home security system will typically take less than a day to install.

Where is Heartland Security located?

Heartland Security is based in Melrose, Minnesota, and is owned by 13 rural electric cooperatives throughout our coverage area of central, western, and southern Minnesota and northern Iowa. We have strategically placed full-time sales representatives and technicians throughout our region to best serve our customers.

How do I find a sales representative in my area?

Call our office at 888-264-6380 and ask for the sales representative in your area.

How do I find out more information about security systems?

The best way is to have one of our sales representatives come out to visit with you at your home or business. We do not charge for this service. The sales representative will ask a few questions about what kind of security you are interested in and what your needs are, plus give you a price quote, all at no charge.

What kinds of alarm systems do you offer?

This is a complex question, as we offer several systems. Some of our offerings include security systems, medical alerts, temperature sensors, water detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, card access systems, panic alarms, commercial fire systems, video surveillance systems, video security systems, and agriculture systems. We also add new products regularly.

What is Heartland Security’s coverage area?

We cover central, western, and southern Minnesota and northern Iowa. If you are unsure if you are in our coverage area, please call us at 888-264-6380. If you are not in our current coverage area, we may be able to direct you to a security provider.

We leave for at least a few weeks in the winter. What do you have for environmental sensors, such as fire or furnace failure?

We have special packages designed just for your needs. We have sensors that detect smoke, a rapid rise of heat, extreme high or low temperatures, sump pump failure, or even leaky hoses behind washing machines.

How do I change my code?

This will vary with the panel and would be best answered by referring to the appropriate manual. See our manuals page.

Why is my keypad beeping?

Your keypad may be beeping to let you know there is a problem. See your owner’s manual. You can also call us at 888-264-6380 as you may need to arrange for a service call.

Why am I having false alarms from my motion detector?

There are many possible causes of false alarms from a motion detector including insects, rodents, pets, fireplaces, items hanging from ceilings, ceiling fans, open windows, fax machines or printers printing, dehumidifiers, balloons, blowing signs or drapes, or keeping the house at less than 55 degrees.

How do I change the batteries in my sensors?

Each sensor is different and may require a different type of battery. Please call us at 888-264-6380 to learn which battery is needed for your sensor.

How often should I test the alarm system?

We recommend testing your security system once per month. This ensures your system is functioning properly and that all signals are being received at the monitoring center. To test your system, call our security monitoring dispatchers at 800-858-7811 and let them know you will be testing your system. Then, activate your system and set off your sensors. Our monitoring dispatchers will let you know whether they received a signal from your system. It is also important to change the batteries and to vacuum and dust the sensors regularly to ensure they remain in proper working condition.

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