Medical Alert Systems

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Stay independent

Every person should be able to live at home independently, safely, and securely. If you or a loved one worry about a medical condition happening at home or on-the-go, Heartland Security offers the Belle mobile medical alert system.


Belle W Medical Alert

Take peace of mind wherever you go with the new Belle W medical alert system. The latest style of this mobile medical alert system can be worn as a bracelet, or a pendant around the neck.

  • Extremely lightweight and offers the convenience of wearing the device on your wrist.
  • Water-resistant, but should not be submerged.
  • Includes optional fall detection.*
  • Works anywhere in the US with adequate 4G LTE cellular coverage, using Verizon and AT&T networks.
  • Includes Wi-Fi location technology.

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*We cannot guarantee that the service will always accurately determine a fall. It is advised that you always press the button if you need help.

Belle LTE Medical Alert

The Belle LTE is a small, easy-to-use mobile medical alert pendant that offers confidence to live life independently. It uses the Verizon and AT&T 4G LTE network, so you can easily get help at home or away from home with the press of a button.

  • The battery lasts up to 30 days per charge! It also comes with a simple charging cradle to make recharging easy.
  • The Belle LTE is water-resistant, but should not be submerged.
  • Includes Wi-Fi location technology.

Learn more about the Belle LTE.

picture of a man with gray hair wearing a Belle medical alert pendant while seated at an outdoor table at a restaurant

Go with confidence

With a Belle medical alert, you don’t need a landline or a base unit. The Belle pendant has a built-in speaker and microphone. Everything you need to keep your independence is right in one pendant that can help you 24/7 whether you’re home, at the store, or traveling. Be reassured that WiFi technology can help locate you in case of an emergency.

The Belle was easy to use and I wore it all the time. I liked that you could use it [almost] anywhere. The technician was very knowledgeable about the product and showed me how to use it and charge it up. The service was excellent and fast and everyone was very helpful including the Heartland office staff and the response center operators. Every time I had to use my medical alert I was so glad I had it! One time I used it when I was so sick and couldn’t get up. I had COVID and didn’t know it. If I hadn’t had my Belle, I may have laid there a long time. The response center operators were always courteous and caring, and stayed on the line with me until the EMTs came. I would recommend Heartland Security for your medical alert. I had all good experiences with them. Now I have moved into a facility where I don’t need it. I miss it, and still wish I had it!

Theresa E. — Winona, MN