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My daughter was downstairs and texted me that the stairwell in our basement smelled like gas. I just assumed it was sewer gas because those pipes can get dry and can smell bad. But maybe 10 minutes later the fire alarm in the house went off. I went to my keypad and it said fire. When it’s gone off before, it’s been a carbon monoxide alarm so I was expecting that alert, but it said FIRE! My daughter heard the alarm downstairs as well and yelled “Mom, there’s a fire in the bathroom!” I went straight for the fire extinguisher and went downstairs and put out the fire. While I was doing that, the monitoring station had called the fire department and contacted my husband because he is number 1 on our contact list. Thankfully, we caught it quick enough that we didn’t have a lot of damage – we just had to replace some sheet rock and the fan unit that caught fire. We’re so thankful to have a monitored system with Heartland Security! We were home and didn’t even know about the fire.

Lisa – Sartell

One day last week around 4 p.m., I was out of town and got a call from the response center that our water sensor was triggered. Obviously, we weren’t going to get there, so I got someone to run over to our house and even though the water was shut off, there was a main valve with a 2 inch line leaking in the basement. They ended up calling the city and some plumbers and had to shut off the water in the yard. Thanks to the security system we had a major crisis averted, with maybe 10% of what it could have been. We probably would have had 10 feet of water in just a short time. I just want to say thank you to the employees and everyone who helped. I’m beyond thankful to have a monitored security system with Heartland Security.


Our family loves Heartland Security. We have had your system in our home since 2012, and your company is very efficient even when we have made some changes. However, one of the main reasons we appreciate Heartland Security is that we have never had a false alarm in all these years! This is unlike the security company(s) at my place of business, where we continually experience false alarms (usually after midnight) resulting in staff driving into the office and the police being dispatched at times. It is very frustrating! We greatly appreciate Heartland Security! Thank you for your great service.

BJ – Kandiyohi County

We had a different company originally and they were sold to a national company, which was a disaster for us. They had horrible customer service. We called Heartland Security and they tested our system and found the smoke detector and one sensor were wired wrong. We didn’t even know our system was faulty! Heartland Security fixed it all and was easy to work with. We’ve been very happy with our system and the excellent service we’ve received. We love being able to control our system with the app on our phone! We can even arm and disarm from our phones! We recommend Heartland Security to anyone who wants a security system that is easy to use.

Sue McDougald, Michelle and Tommy Weller – Osakis, MN
picture of Greg and Kathy Leidal

I got a security system and camera from Heartland Security because I wanted to tighten things up and put some things in place. To be honest, I didn’t get a security system knowing there would be an incident so soon after I got it! I literally hadn’t had it a week when we had an incident happen. At 2am my Apple watch alerted me that my camera showed there was a person. Normally I wouldn’t get alarmed by a notification because it says vehicle, that sort of thing. But what is a person doing out at 2:19am? I got up and grabbed my phone so I could see the camera view. It showed a person walking up and trying to enter my garage. I turned some lights on and told my wife to call the police. A police officer showed up at my door and I showed her the coverage. She got on her radio and they had detained somebody down the road and it matched the view on my camera. The next day I started networking with our neighbors and let the neighborhood know. A lot of our neighbors have looked at getting a security system and we recommended Heartland Security to them.

Greg and Kathy Leidal – Albert Lea, MN

Overall, we feel the Heartland Security system is a user-friendly, good quality service. Over the years we’ve had the service, we’ve had no complaints on any aspect. We now have 3 of the systems in various properties we own. Our daughter lives in our last home with the first system we purchased! We felt supporting a local business to be very important when making the decision to go with Heartland Security since it was offered through our electric company. The alarm system is easy to use and the response center is very quick to call when the alarm is set off. We have recommended Heartland Security to a few families and they are very satisfied as well. You can use an app on your phone to arm or disarm the alarm if you are out of town or just leaving your home and forgot to turn the system on. We love al the features of our system including the smoke and water sensors. We know when we leave home we have peace of mind. We have had our smoke alarm set off when we have been cooking or making popcorn. The response center calls immediately. We have not had the police or fire department show up yet, but it’s reassuring to know that they respond so quickly! The team was very knowledgeable and met all of our needs for our home. From Tom in sales, to Chuck with the security office support, to Juan the installer, we have had all our wants and needs met and we are very satisfied!

Brian and Kathy Wieser – LaCrescent, MN
picture of Troy Hilsgen

Back in 2004, we were building a new house and we planned to get a hardwired security system. We chose Heartland Security because they were connected with Meeker Coop and all the other security companies were bigger metro-type organizations. I figured I would just cancel the monitoring after the initial contract, but the amount they take off my homeowner’s insurance totally covers my monitoring fee. It pays for itself! The only expense was the initial equipment and if you divide that by the 16 years of service, it’s really a no-brainer. Every encounter I’ve had with Heartland Security has been professional, polite, and straightforward. In 16 years, we’ve had a technician come out only once or twice to replace a battery and a sensor and other than that, just 1 or 2 false alarms with a window because it was around 35 below and the windows had just moved that much from the temperature! When my neighbor’s house was robbed, they came over to ask what company I had for a security system and when they got their Heartland Security alarm system installed, I got a referral fee. You could tell they appreciated the referral. Even if people weren’t thinking about burglaries, how can you put a price on protecting your family from carbon monoxide? You can also put a water sensor in for when you’re at work or away from home to protect your home from flooding. A security system isn’t just about somebody breaking in.

Troy Hilsgen – Kimball, MN

I feel Heartland Security is really good. My medical alert from them has saved my life a couple times. I’ve fallen a few times and pressed the button, then I get this emergency call being placed and they send somebody over right away.

Myrtle Kime – Winona, MN

I’m 88 years old and live alone and my daughter was telling me I should get a medical alert just to be safe, so I got a medical alert from Heartland Security because they’re local. Having a medical alert has been fine. I made myself a note to call on the 1st of the month and test it and I’ve been doing that. I’m very pleased with the medical alert because it offers me whatever I need when I need it. I recommend Heartland Security to anyone who asks me about my medical alert and I have told my friends about it. My daughter says “It’s peace of mind, Mom!” to have that alert around my neck.

Sally Hinnenkamp – Melrose, MN

I heard about a couple not too far away being robbed at gunpoint in their home and I knew I needed to get a security system. I was afraid someone would break in my home and hurt my family and I wanted to do something to protect my kids and me and put my mind at ease. The sales manager, Corey, came out and discussed the best system for us and how it worked. The technician who installed it explained everything as he did it. The great part was he didn’t leave a mess behind him – the installation went very smoothly. I feel it is a reasonable price to pay for comfort and peace of mind. A few days later, when my kid accidentally opened the door when the alarm was set, we didn’t even get down a flight of stairs to shut it off before the monitoring station called – we’re very impressed with the response time. My advice for anyone like me who fears for their family is to talk with Heartland Security about your options. I’m so happy I can finally sleep soundly.

Darci & Jesse Prochnik – Armstrong, IA
Mark & Cindy Peterson

We were awoken last year on the day after Thanksgiving by a break-in in our neighborhood, so we knew it was time to get a security system. I knew Larry Enderson who just retired from Freeborn-Mower Cooperative Services, so I called them and they recommended Heartland Security, so we got a system from them. Heartland Security did a very nice job from start to finish – the sales manager was very informative and nice to work with and the technician that installed the system was professional, neat, and clean. The whole experience has been good. I would recommend Heartland Security to anybody that is interested in getting a security system.

Mark & Cindy Peterson – Albert Lea, MN

We got a security system because there were some break-ins in our neighborhood. We went with Heartland Security because they are owned by Hawkeye REC (now called MiEnergy) and we saw a Heartland Security ad in their newsletter. The installation was excellent. The technician went through everything and made it easy for me to understand how to use the system. It’s easy to operate. It’s really been a very good deal – the price is reasonable and the system gives you peace of mind. We live out in a rural area and our system protects the property while we’re gone. If somebody were to open a door, the alarm would go off and we’d get a call and the authorities would be notified. Just the alarm outside would draw attention. We recommend Heartland Security to anyone who is even thinking about a security system. We’ve already recommended them to one of our neighbors.

Richard & Joanne Friedhof – Cresco, IA

We got a system at our cabin for smoke but mainly to protect in case of furnace failure. We added a system to our house soon after with smoke detection and a water sensor in the basement. Recently, I was wondering if I should discontinue the service because the only issues we have had are burnt toast and low batteries, but there’s no way I’d stop it now! I was on vacation and 1000 miles away when I got a phone call telling me the water sensor went off in my home. I called my son who was 5 hours away from my house and he came over and dealt with my leaking water heater so that I came home 5 days later to a dry basement. I’m so glad I have a water sensor – if I had not had it, I would have come home to a major disaster.

Rebecca Otterness – St. Peter, MN

I had a security system at my old house in Houston and the people that moved in didn’t want it, so Heartland Security retrieved it, reinstalled it at my new home, and added some pieces. I could name a million reasons why you should have a security system, not just for security, but for burglary too. The wind blew the door open and I have 2 dogs, and we have very strict leash laws. Anybody walked by my house, the dog could have charged, but I knew about the door so I was able to get the door before one of them got out. If nothing else, if you have children, you want to just set the chime in case they’re sneaking out. The service from Heartland Security is outstanding, absolutely wonderful. The sales rep was very thorough, polite, and professional. Not telling you what you have to do, but a suggestion. He answered all my questions without making me feel stupid. Juan, the technician, was absolutely incredible – courteous, polite, on time. He always scheduled promptly, they call before they’re coming, they’re on time, they quickly install, they make you feel very comfortable, and they’re very professional – like you’d invite them over for dinner. It’s a security company – if you can’t trust them, who can you trust? They talk to you like a human being. They look at what your needs are. They’re very respectful, all of them. Somebody’s doing something right in terms of hiring and the way they treat their employees. I just love my Heartland Security system. Just love it. And it’s easy for me to operate. I’m going to be 63 in a couple weeks and if something comes up where I want to re-enter something, I call them up and they just walk me through it. The ladies in the office are absolutely incredible. Your credit card expires, Dorie will call you. See, I know these people by name – with the big companies you’re just a number to them. With Heartland Security it’s personal. They care about their customers. I love Heartland Security.

Peggy Erkel-Thorson – St. Peter, MN
Merv Steen

We have a lot of fuel storage and so we were very concerned about that being protected. We put a system in the machine shed and the fuel storage is close by and the system protects it all. We feel a security system is a very good investment for protection and helping us if a malfunction happens in our equipment. We can feel secure that when we’re gone everything is monitored and taken care of for us. We were out of town and the furnace went out. They called my son Brian and another house on the farm. It was 2 or 3 in the morning, but Brian got ahold of somebody to come and help fix the furnace. That prevented us from getting frozen pipes in the middle of winter, which can be quite a mess. We chose Heartland Security because we are a big supporter of Federated Rural Electric. We thought a system from Heartland Security was the best all-around thing to use for us and we’re very happy with it.

Merv Steen – Jackson, MN

We live on a farm in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by cornfields, and I had some worries about break-ins. We have small kids and are in the house alone while my husband is out at night. We wanted a security system to keep people out. We can set the alarm at night and know no one’s going to come in and the kids won’t go out without me knowing about it. For me, the peace of mind is the #1 thing.

Chris & Mariah Lynne – Hartland, MN
Ben Thorson

We got a security system from Heartland Security at our business, ICON Constructors, LLC, and at our home. We wanted a security system to make sure that someone would watch over our things and also to give us a little warning with the smoke detectors if we were to have a fire in the house when we weren’t home. The 24/7 monitoring really gives you peace of mind.

We chose Heartland Security because they came highly recommended from Stuart Morem of Morem Electric and everyone we talked to. Just knowing that we have it and talking about it to other people is a theft deterrent.

We were really pleased with the quality of the installation and the explanation of how to use the system – it’s really easy to use. It’s so user-friendly. We couldn’t believe how fast the installation was! Juan, the technician who installed the system, was just fabulous.  We have a lot of activity going on at our location every day and he was so patient and professional! We hadn’t had the system very long when there was a horrible storm and our property was struck by lightning. It blew everything out, but Juan came right away and fixed it.

My favorite part is being able to check things on your phone when you’re not home. It’s really handy – you can be anywhere and you just go on your phone. We can even check to see where our dogs are in the yard!

I think people would be surprised by how affordable it is. I had thought something like that would cost more, but the price was great. The alarm systems and cameras are so versatile – they’re great for your home or business. Now we recommend Heartland Security to anyone who is concerned with their property.

Ben & Laura Thorson – Mabel, MN

I was in the kitchen getting supper ready, and I was walking over to the bread box to get some bread out. They always tell you to wear rubber soled shoes so you don’t slip, and I was, but my foot stuck on the floor and my body kept going. I broke my leg in 4 places and laid there for a minute. I’ve got 3 phones and I couldn’t get to any of them – I couldn’t move. I pushed my button, and a woman’s voice came from the machine and asked if I needed help. I said “Yes, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” just like you hear on TV, but it was the truth. She asked if there was anyone else I would like to have called and I had her call my son. I don’t think it was even 10 minutes, probably shorter, and first responders were out here and then a few minutes after that the ambulance and my son were here. I don’t know what I would have done if I wouldn’t have had my button. I probably could have laid there for quite a while and been hollering, but I was totally impressed, grateful, and so glad that I had this little pendant.

Betty Hanson – Brownsdale, MN

We have one of those stoves where you touch it and it just goes on. One day, the kids threw a bag of popcorn on the stove as they were leaving. About 10 minutes later, we got a call that the smoke alarm went off and that the fire department was dispatched. We were just a few miles away, so we drove home quick and found the fire department in the driveway. The house was full of smoke and flames were 3 or 4 feet high. It was just a little fire on the stove, but it could have been bad. We agreed with the fire department that without the alarm system, the house probably would have burned down. Heartland Security saved our home.

Dean & Betsy Peterson – Glenwood, MN

After my husband passed away, I was a little afraid to stay out on our farm. A friend had a security system from Heartland Security and she was very happy with it and recommended I try it, so I decided to get a security system with them. When my alarm has gone off, Heartland Security has gone right to work summoning the police, and I sleep better at night knowing I have a Heartland Security system. Anytime I’ve needed Heartland Security, they’ve been there. Everyone at Heartland Security has been very professional and very kind.

Patricia Schimek – Easton, MN
Don & Jackie Schuneman

We’ve been with Heartland Security since they bought Austin Security. We decided to stick with them and we’ve always found their service to be very professional, the people to be very responsive, and that they answer any technical questions that we have. With Heartland Security, we’ve switched from a hardlined wired system to a completely wireless system. We believe there are no other security firms out there that we could have a better relationship with and we recommend Heartland Security to anyone who has any security concerns.

Don & Jackie Schuneman – Hartland, MN
Brittany Abdallah and family

We purchased a home in Rochester that already had a security system installed and we were looking at different security options. Heartland Security was the most reasonable and efficient and we had no out-of-pocket expense to switch to them. Heartland Security lowered our monthly monitoring cost and easily accommodated our needs, such as relocating the keypad from the rear master bedroom to near the door where we enter. We recommend Heartland Security to anyone who has a security system or is looking for one.

Ahmed & Brittany Abdallah – Rochester, MN

We had our Heartland Home Security System installed several years ago and in 2008 we were about to take a winter vacation to California. Prior to leaving we had the freeze sensor added to our security system. While visiting in California, we received a call from our monitoring agency that the temperature in our home had dropped below our designated level. At the time, the outside temperature was -25 degrees below zero. After a call to our local heating technician and his prompt action, we had the furnace up and running. We have baseboard hot water heat, had we not had the freeze sensor installed, there would have been thousands of dollars of costly repairs. Thanks to Heartland Security System we averted a costly repair bill.

Bob & Carmen – Randall, MN

We’ve used Heartland Security since we purchased our home 14 years ago. We haven’t used the system to its full potential, but were reminded of its importance after an episode in the spring of 2013. Our city ordinances require that sump pumps that are discharging to the storm sewer during the winter be switched over to outside discharge on April 1 each year. As usual, we switched the discharge to outside without giving any thought to the late spring that we had. Within a couple of days, our phone rang in the morning with the monitoring agent telling us that the alarm on the sump pump was activated and we were in danger of having a wet mess in our basement. The cold weather had frozen up the hose and caused the water to back up into the sump hole. We made the necessary adjustments immediately and avoided a catastrophe. That in itself gave us great piece of mind, but what really impressed us was the fact that all of our emergency numbers were called as well to relay the same message. We also received a follow up phone call the next day to verify that the situation had been taken care of. Those few phone calls saved us from huge expenses and weeks of cleaning up a basement disaster. Thank you!

Claudia – Willmar, MN

We were having recurring problems with the furnace at our seasonal dwelling. The furnace quit working three times and we were notified when the temperature fell – saving us the possibility of broken pipes and a watery mess.

Joan – Sauk Centre, MN

Prior to installing the alarm system, our school was broken into and vandalized significantly twice. Since the alarm has been installed, we haven’t had an incident since 1998.

St. Casmir’s School – Wells, MN

Our original plan was to put in a freeze alarm to warn us if the furnace (hot water heat) went out, after parents went to live in town during the winter. We were very pleased with the suggestion, from the technician at Heartland, that we combine a freeze alarm with door alarms and motion detectors. This has been a special gift of security for us, as we received several freeze alarms due to an old furnace that failed many times prior to replacement. Problems with the new furnace also caused several outages the first year, with several alarm calls when the temperatures in the house went below 43 degrees. For 10 years the Heartland Security system continues to monitor the temp and any open doors, while we do not have to worry. The monthly charge (under $20) has remained the same for these 10 years! It is the best thing we have done in the preservation of our family farm! The most memorable event happened one night after our neighbor was done milking: With fogged up glasses and -15 below outside, our neighbor checked our family farmhouse to see how much fuel oil was left in the tank. I received an alarm call about a “man named Doug”, being in the house saying he “was just checking the fuel oil and must have punched in the wrong number”. When I received the call (150 miles away), they had Doug on the farm home phone, so I could hear his plead “My glasses were so foggy I must have punched in a wrong number and I didn’t hear the phone and now I forgot the code word!” The dispatcher then informed me they had notified the police who were on their way; because our neighbor did not answer the phone the first time they called the farmhouse (he was in the basement and far away from a phone, so did not hear it). They had dialed the phone at the farm again and Doug answered. When I told them Doug was okay and had a key to the house, the dispatcher called the police, while I was still on the line, and cancelled the “burglar alarm” per my order. I was amazed at how perfectly the system worked and it sealed our confidence in the entire setup.

Jane – Evansville, MN

I am the one that needs the security system. My family thinks I’m just a worrier. They humor me. When we installed it, we added the sump monitor. We never had a sump pump- the sump hole had dust! One night it rained over 7 inches in half an hour. At approximately 2am, I woke to a strange alarm noise. It was the sump monitor. My husband rigged up a way to divert the water until morning when we purchased a pump. The monitor saved my basement. Who’s laughing now!

Judy – Albany, MN

We signed up for Heartland when our 2nd son was about 10 years old. He was so frightened of “break-ins” as we live in a small town and he had heard of the real break-ins that were happening in town. He was so scared that “someone would break in and take him”. We tried everything to help. Heartland Security took away his fears and let him sleep in peace and not be afraid. We tell everyone this great story. Thank you for helping us with our precious kids!

Brad & Deb – Granite Falls, MN