Gleason Catering Installs Video Surveillance

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Gleason Catering in Stewartville, Minnesota, was recently shopping around for video surveillance systems. After discovering Heartland Security’s reasonable price and quality equipment, Gleason Catering owner Marilyn Gleason chose Heartland Security to install a video surveillance system to provide security to her somewhat isolated location. Gleason wanted a security system as another resource for management and security, explaining “I have had a couple of incidences of break-ins and felt a surveillance system was needed.”

Heartland Security Regional Sales Representative Tom Vega met with Gleason for a free, no obligation security analysis. After Gleason decided what features and how many cameras she would need, she had experienced Security Technician Juan Zuniga install the system. Gleason had high praises for Zuniga, explaining, “I thought he was very good. He had some good ideas about the way of installing the equipment that I would not have thought of. After it was all installed, he adjusted the camera angles, which was very helpful.”

Heartland Security installed several indoor and outdoor cameras, and the system has the capacity to add more as Gleason Catering grows. All the cameras connect to a digital video recorder (DVR), allowing recording and viewing from several angles. If a break-in does occur, pictures and/or video can easily be downloaded from the DVR and given to the authorities. The DVR is also connected to the Internet, and this provides Gleason with the ability to view video from her computer or smartphone while off-site. Gleason enjoys these features, saying “I’m able to look back on the cameras on previous days to see what’s gone on and am able to access it remotely,” giving her the freedom to stay on top of her business even when she’s not physically there.

Valuing her surveillance system and experience with Heartland Security, Gleason recommends Heartland Security to any person or business that is looking for an affordable camera system.

Marilyn Gleason of Gleason Catering is pleased with the video camera system Heartland Security installed.
Marilyn Gleason of Gleason Catering is pleased with the video camera system Heartland Security installed.