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Jon Watson, David Watson, CEO Jeremiah Watson, and Timothy Watson are glad to have a Heartland security system.

When installing a security system, one hopes it is never needed. However, as Jeremiah Watson, CEO of Watson Recycling of Rochester found out, it sure comes in handy.

“In January of this year, we had Heartland Security install a system in our new building on Highway 52 near Oronoco and in our original facility on North Broadway in Rochester. We felt that the new facility’s location necessitated a security system. In June, we received a call from the local police that the alarm had gone off. When they arrived at the facility, the perpetrator had apparently been scared off by the loud alarm and left the scene. Video surveillance gave the police a clear view of the man; they recognized him and picked him up a short time later,” said Watson.

The system worked perfectly. In the best case scenario, a would be transgressor is deterred by the signs saying there is a security system. Should those warnings be ignored and they enter the property, a loud siren goes off, alerting neighbors, a signal goes to Heartland Security’s 24-hour monitoring station, who then dispatch the proper authorities.

“If the burglar leaves, there is no loss of money or goods,” Watson said. “Normally, there is no damage beyond the replacement of a door.”

Watson Recycling had been broken into a year before and they sustained a substantial loss. “We found out that someone had hauled materials out for several hours and it went unnoticed. With the new security system, that would not happen again.”

Prevention is the goal of the security systems. Like a scarecrow in a garden, the goal is to scare off any ill-doers.

Tom Vega of Heartland Security agreed. “We want to give property owners peace of mind. Whether it is a business location or your private home, knowing that it is secure is priceless.” It seems that thefts are on the increase and safety and security are brought to the forefront of people’s minds more often according to Vega. “We are busier than ever. Our installations are three weeks out whereas in previous years it was three days,” he said.

Customizing the system for individual locations is a necessity and one that Heartland does very well according to Watson. “Not only were the people at Heartland Security knowledgeable, they listened to us and assessed our needs. They were efficient, effective and very reasonably priced. ”

One of the reasons Heartland Security is so well priced is the fact they are owned by People’s Energy Cooperative and 13 other rural electric cooperatives in western and southern Minnesota and Northwestern Iowa.

“We have been operating for 20 years, but locally, since 2008,” Vega said. “With each new system installed, we gain more exposure and the word is getting out.” When Heartland gets an opportunity to present their services and issue a quote, once they “get to the table”, they usually get the job according to Vega.

Heartland Security also offers lifetime warranty and installs commercial alarm systems that monitor card entry access and video surveillance. Currently, Heartland Security has nearly 7,000 customers.

“No matter your questions we are happy to visit with you, assess your needs and suggest a customized system just for you. Home or commercial, we can help,” Vega said.

Article written by Debi Neville, Rochester MN

Jon Watson, David Watson, CEO Jeremiah Watson, and Timothy Watson are glad to have a Heartland security system.
Jon Watson, David Watson, CEO Jeremiah Watson, and Timothy Watson are glad to have a Heartland security system.