picture of a cabin with trees and lake in the background

5 Steps to Take Before Closing Up the Cabin for Winter

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picture of a cabin with trees and lake in the background

As summer slowly shifts to fall, it’s time to think about closing up your cabin. Closing up a seasonal home can seem like a lot of work. We’ve got a checklist of what you should do before you close up the cabin for winter.

Step 1: Check the yard

To keep your lawn looking fresh (and give the appearance of recent occupancy), make sure the leaves are raked and the grass is mowed. Once the first frost hits, the grass won’t grow as quickly, so you can scale back your efforts then.

You’ll also want to trim any stray branches and put the outdoor furniture away.

Step 2: Bring in the dock

If you live on a lake, you know that the dock needs to come in before the water freezes up. The longer you wait, the colder it gets and the more work it can be.

Step 3: Clean out the food

You might easily remember to eat the perishables in the fridge, but make sure you don’t forget the other items in your cupboards that won’t last till next spring. Whether it’s an open sleeve of crackers or an open bag of sugar, leaving opened items invites bugs and other pests to help themselves while you’re away.

Step 4: Winterize your watercraft

Whether you store your boat or jet ski at your cabin or bring it back to your home, you’ll need to get your boat winterized. Make sure you protect any other items, such as grills, that might need to be shielded from harsh winter weather.

Step 5: Get a security system

Whether to protect against intrusion or frozen pipes, a monitored security system can give you peace of mind that your lake home is protected when you’re not there. If something happens, the response center will notify you or the authorities immediately.

If you don’t have a security system, make sure you turn off the water and blow out the pipes in case your furnace goes out. Even then, the mess from frozen pop, paint, or other household items can be a hassle you never want to deal with.

Closing up the cabin for winter can be a lot of work. However, these 5 steps will keep you organized and help you prepare your second home for winter.