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Are you considering a security system?

A security system from Heartland Security is an affordable, reliable way to help keep your home, family, business, and valuables safe. When you request a free quote from Heartland Security, our local security specialists come to your home and work with you to customize a solution to meet all your needs.  Intrusion protection systems are […]

Environmental Sensors: Temperature Sensors and Smoke Detectors

Temperature Sensors When you’re away from your home, you want to have peace of mind that your place will be fine. But what if the furnace stops working at the cabin during winter? Temperature sensors can alert you to extreme conditions and keep you from costly damages and loss. The first kind of temperature sensors […]

How Much Does a Standard Security System Cost and What’s Included?

What’s in a standard security system? How much does a security system cost? We’ve written before about how there is no standard price for a security system, but we will give you an idea of what a basic security system package includes and how much it might cost you. 1. What’s in a standard security system? While there isn’t […]

5 Ways to Make Sure Your House Stays Dry This Spring

If you’re like most people in the Midwest, you’re concerned about flooding when all this snow melts. How can you tell if your house will have water problems? What are some strategies to prevent water from getting inside your home? Spring rain, melting snow, and drains clogged by ice, snow, and debris can easily cause […]

Panic Buttons in a Business Security System

Panic buttons, or personal emergency alarm buttons, are buttons that can be pushed in case of an emergency that will notify a response center that help is needed immediately. In a business setting, panic buttons are typically used in case of a robbery. However, other institutions may want panic buttons, such as courthouses. 2 kinds […]

Smoke Detectors in a Security System

Smoke detectors as part of a security system are designed to detect the presence of smoke. We’ll cover the advantages to having a photoelectric smoke detector as part of a security system versus a smoke detector purchased from a box or hardware store. How smoke detectors work Photoelectric smoke detectors as part of a security […]

Heat Sensors in a Security System

Heat sensors as part of a security system are fire detection devices that detect when temperatures have reached a certain high level. Heat sensors can be wired or wireless and can be set to trigger when temperatures reach 135 or 200 degrees. There are two kinds of heat sensors: fixed sensors and fixed/rate-of-rise sensors. Fixed […]

Security Screens in a Security System

Security screens are good for keeping people in a residence as well as keeping intruders out. They are typically used in group home settings or other monitored facilities, although they may also be helpful in a home with small children. Security screens can be made to fit any size window. Advantages of having security screens […]

Window Sensors in a Security System

Window sensors let you know if a window has been cranked or slid open. These types of sensors tend to be found more in homes rather than businesses, as there are not as many windows that open in commercial buildings. Window sensors are another layer in perimeter protection and can be useful both for guarding […]