photo of a camera on the outside of a building

5 Ways to Protect Your Business From Being Burglarized

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Business security systems are an important part of protecting your livelihood and your employees. Businesses are encountering bolder criminals and more frequent burglaries. Rochester recently had 47 businesses burglarized in 3 months, while a St. Cloud business had burglars use tools to break through a wall to steal electronics and merchandise.

What can you do to protect your business? We’ve got 5 useful tips.

1. Get a monitored security system

One of the best things business owners can do to protect their property is to install a monitored security system. If an alarm is triggered, the response center will quickly respond and notify you or the authorities. Without monitoring, you’re betting on your business that a burglar will get scared away by just a siren.

A typical security system includes door sensors, window/glass break sensors, and motion detectors

2. Get video surveillance

photo of a camera on the outside of a building

A camera system shows you who is on your property and can protect you from liability in case of an incident like someone slipping and falling.

A Videofied system can be set when your business is closed to trigger a call to a 24/7 response center if someone comes within camera range. The short video clip will be sent to the response center to determine if it is a false alarm or someone illegally entering the property.

3. Landscaping

Thorny bushes in front of ground-level windows can deter burglars from gaining easy access. Placing these types of shrubbery along fences and walls can also make climbing difficult. However, largers bushes and trees can allow burglars to hide while attempting to access your business, so keep the greenery small and prickly.

4. Install good exterior lighting

Brightly lit areas often deter burglars, as they try hard not to be detected. The more lights you have around the exterior of your business, the easier it is for burglars to be seen.

5. Use a card access system

picture showing proximity card in front of door with card access system

Often side doors or employee entrances can remain unlocked, even after a business closes. When you have many doors to a building, it can be difficult to make sure they all remain locked when there is no one around. With a card access system, your business can automatically lock all the doors when the last employee leaves and sets the alarm, leaving a good audit trail. However, doors can still remain propped open or not closed all the way, so it’s still important to do a perimeter check when the last person exits the building.

Another good reason for a card access system is when disgruntled or former employees lose or decide not to return keys to a business. This can leave your business vulnerable, causing you to need to re-key all the doors to your business. If this happens to you, you’ll quickly discover the large expense associated with this process.

A card access system allows you to easily revoke (or enable) access. When an employee leaves the organization, an authorized employee simply accesses the credential manager or other management tool and deletes the employee’s card.

Despite taking precautions, many businesses find themselves victims of burglars. If it happens to you, follow our 4 steps to take after you’ve been burglarized. Never put your safety at risk – call the authorities immediately when you realize there has been a burglary.

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