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Can I Get a Security System if I Don’t Have Internet?

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Here at Heartland Security, we often run into people who want to know if they can still have a security system if they don’t have Internet. It’s a great question and is becoming more common with the decrease in landline phones and the increase in the amount of smartphones with data plans. We’ll go over the options you have if you want a security system but don’t have Internet.

Cellular communicator

If you don’t have Internet, you can still have a monitored security system if you get a cellular communicator. This acts as a cell phone for your security system (but is not actually a useable cell phone) and uses cellular towers for the system to communicate with the response center.


If you still have a landline phone, your security system can communicate with the response center using that. The panel sends tones to the response center who then receives the signal and calls to verify an alarm.

No monitoring

Another option is to get a non-monitored system. This means you would just have the security system and rely on a siren to scare a burglar away. No one would be notified when an alarm is triggered. We don’t recommend this option as the monitoring is what helps give you peace of mind that your home and valuables are safe, even when you’re not there.

You can also get a system that texts you or emails you when an alarm is triggered. It’s not a dispatch service, so emergency personnel would never be notified. We don’t recommend this as it depends on you noticing the alert on your phone as well as your phone being on and within range of a cell tower to receive the notification.

Even if you don’t have an Internet connection, you can still have a monitored security system. For more information, contact us.