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Have you tested your security system recently?

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Your security system is meant to protect your home or business and give you peace of mind. It is only able to do so if it is working properly. Test your security system monthly to avoid a system failure when you need it most.

Use these steps to test your security system:

  1. Call your monitoring center and ask them to place your system on test.
  2. Arm your system as if you were leaving and open and close your door.
  3. After the delay or exiting time has expired, open and close all doors that are monitored.
  4. Test or check all devices and sensors that are monitored. Let siren go for 2 minutes before disarming. You could abort the test if you disarm too soon.
  5. Disarm your system as you normally do.
  6. Call your monitoring center and ask them to verify they received your alarm signals. If all the devices activated correctly, the monitoring center will have record of it.

Additional testing is recommended after you have maintenance or renovations done to your home or business and if you have a change in your internet service provider. It is important to be sure all the connections and sensors are still working properly.

Testing your security system can seem like a time-consuming task but knowing you can trust it is worth the effort.

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