picture of students with finished farmhouse coat racks

Heartland Security Sponsors Farmhouse Coat Rack Youth Class

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On Saturday, March 30, from 9am-12pm, along with the Central Minnesota Builders Association, Heartland Security sponsored a Community Education class in St. Cloud for K-6 students to build a farmhouse coat rack. We had 15 participants and everyone got pizza and cookies for lunch! Take a look through the pictures below to see how the project came together.

Picture of Mark Weimer with finished project as students and parents look on
Apollo High School Tech Ed instructor Mark Weimer shows the finished project while safety instructions to the students and their parents.
picture of parents and kids gathering wood and other materials
Everyone begins assembling their materials.
picture of parents helping kids begin the project
Putting the hooks on is one of the first steps
picture of female child marking where the hooks on the coat rack will go
Here she’s marking where the screws for the hooks will go.
picture of young female child screwing in hooks on board as mother holds board
This 5 year old was very excited to screw in the hooks!
picture of determined female child screwing in final hooks for coat rack
This was a step some of the older kids could handle on their own.
picture of male child with power drill putting screws in wood
It was great to see the parents helping their kids rather than doing it for them.
picture of kids using tool to put pockets in wood
Students make pockets in the wood in order to screw 2 pieces of wood together.
picture of male child standing on tiptoes to put pocket in piece of wood as dad helps
Sometimes tiptoes were needed!
picture of young female child using roller brush with chalkboard paint
Using chalkboard paint is a blast!
picture of class surrounding Mr. Weimer as he gives instructions
Mr. Weimer is giving more instructions on the last few steps of the project.
picture of class surrounding Mr. Weimer as he talks about using the router
Mr. Weimer explained how to use the router and that most injuries he sees come from using a chisel after using the router, so he wanted everyone to be extra cautious.
picture of mother helping son use the router
The router was more of an “adult” activity, but some of the older kids were able to use it with help.
picture of father helping son use the router as another parent holds the coat rack
The router made a lot of sawdust!
picture of students brushing sawdust off of almost finished projects
The coat racks are near completion!
picture of students with finished farmhouse coat racks
The students with their finished coat racks!

Students were able to take 3 surfaces home for their coat rack – a white board, a chalkboard, and a metal plate. It was great to see the kids and their parents making a project together. Thanks to our sponsorship, the class was very affordable and we look forward to sponsoring again in the future!