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Home Automation and Security Systems: How to Turn Your House Into a Smart Home

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Home automation – it’s a hot topic these days. How smart can your home be? As the technology involved with security systems has ballooned in the past few years, there are more options than ever to make your house a smart home.

Whether you want to control your locks, lights, thermostat, or garage door, an interactive security system can be the solution you’re looking for. authorized dealer logo

With the recent shift towards home automation, you need a company that can stay on top of the rapid changes in technology. Our partner,, explains it best: “The connected home is changing quickly so it’s important to invest in something that will grow with you and keep up with market innovation. We partner with industry leaders to provide an array of devices to choose from, and we continually create new features to make your home better.”

Through our partnership with, we can seamlessly connect all the smart devices in your home. Our equipment uses Z-wave wireless communication, which allows your devices to communicate with each other. How it Works graphic

Some of these Z-wave devices include smart locks, lights, garage doors, and thermostats. You can also detect when a door is open or closed. Another feature with home automation is detecting the amount of power consumption, or load management.

You can create a schedule for your home to change when kids come home from school or different settings for weekends. You can program it so that when you leave, automatically the lights turn off, the doors lock, and the system arms.

These smart home features are in addition to the peace of mind you get from having a monitored security system. In addition to home automation, Heartland Security offers a variety of sensors & detectorscameras, and more.

Using the latest technology, Heartland Security ensures our customers have the most innovative and convenient smart home solutions. For more information or to schedule a free consultation, please contact us.

Updated August 2, 2016