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How Kept Me Informed During a Power Outage

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We had some storms come through our area last night and into this morning. I was woken up this morning by my two youngest kids, ages 5 and 6, explaining that the light and the clock in their room was off and wouldn’t turn on. Then, I saw the fan in my room had stopped too. It was looking like the power was out.

It was 6:03 a.m. and my phone buzzed with a notification from that told me our alarm system reported a power failure.

Unlike a few years ago, we didn’t have to dig for flashlights and lanterns, as our cell phones work great as flashlights now. Plus, as night was ending, daylight was starting to filter in, despite the storms.

I was using my Stearns Electric SmartHub to notify them of the power outage when I saw a Stearns Electric truck on the road outside my house. Talk about fast! Right after that, my phone popped up another notification to let me know that 20% of customers within a 2 mile radius of my house were also without power.

This let me know it wasn’t a huge outage, so it probably wouldn’t take too long to get resolved. But it was time to get ready for the day.

We did our usual morning tasks by the light of our phones and I left for work and to drop the kids off for the day. On the way there, my phone buzzed again with another notification from, this time letting me know that power had been restored at 7:40 a.m.

When I pulled over where I would drop the kids off, I texted my husband to verify that the power had come back on (since he leaves the house later than me). He said, yep, it was on around 7:40 a.m.

Through the outage, my system kept me up-to-date and gave me more information than I would have otherwise had. Even after I left home, gave me reassurance to know that the power came back on. That made me feel better knowing that my 16 year old is home today.

Plus, as you can see at the top of the first image, my interactive alarm system notifies me every day around 9 a.m. if I haven’t armed the system. While I wasn’t doing it today because someone is home, it’s really helpful for those days when I’m rushing to get the kids to school, get out the door, and make sure everyone has backpacks, lunches, and jackets. Then, when I’m at work I can arm the system remotely.

While I was home for most of this outage and was aware of it firsthand, that’s not always the case. Whether I’m at work, on vacation for a few days, or just out shopping, I want to know what’s going on at home. My system keeps me up-to-date and lets me check in with its anytime, anywhere technology.

Even when I’m camping in the woods of northern Minnesota, I can be alerted when someone is on my doorstep and when my mom comes to check on our pets – she even gets her own alarm system code!

My security system keeps me informed and has turned my house into a smart home. Best of all, it gives me peace of mind. Will you be able to say the same thing the next time your power is out?

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