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Prevent water damage with water sensors from Heartland Security

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Water leaks cost homeowners and insurance companies billions of dollars every year. But you can avoid potentially costly repairs by adding a simple water sensor to your security system.

Water sensors are placed on or near the floor in a place where a leak or flooding might occur, such as near a sink or near the foundation of your basement. They connect to your system’s alarm panel either remotely or with a wire. The alarm has two contact sensors. When water touches them, it triggers the alarm and notifies our 24/7 monitoring center. We then reach out to you so that you can act.

Heartland Security also offers water sensors for sump pumps. These detect water in the same manner but are meant to alert you if your sump pump stops working. This is especially important during the rainy season here in the Midwest.

Water sensors are also great for cabins or vacation homes that sit vacant for long periods of time. No one wants to return to a summer cabin after a winter away to find water damage inside.

Water sensors are an easy addition to a security system and don’t raise your monthly monitoring fee.

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