Problems with a Security System: Beeping

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One of our employees recently attended a meeting at the building of a non-profit and noticed something a little strange while they were there. The building had just been opened and the alarm system disarmed for the meeting. But the alarm system kept beeping. Three beeps every minute for an hour.

We asked “Why is your alarm system beeping??” and they said that’s just how it’s always been. They don’t know who to talk to about it or how to get it to stop so they just deal with it. Every day!!

Unfortunately, we weren’t monitoring their security system for them so there wasn’t much we could do other than encourage them to contact their security dealer. However, it sounds like they had no idea how to do that or who to reach out to. We suggested that it might be time to find a different security system provider.

There is no way we would want our customers (or even other company’s customers!) to have to deal with this kind of issue. If you have a problem with your security system, please call us! We are here to help and we’re local! If it’s not our system, we might be able to save you money on your monitoring costs.

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