mother holding daughter and kissing her forehead

Protect Your Kids and Guard Your Cabinets with a Sensor from Heartland Security

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If you’ve got kids, you know there are many dangers you want to protect them from. No matter what age they are, you want them to be safe and healthy. But what about when you’re not there? How do you know if they’re making good choices? Heartland Security can help.

mother holding daughter and kissing her forehead

That protective instinct starts right after they’re born. You’ll do whatever you can to keep them safe. You lay them to sleep on their back on a firm surface without fluffy blankets or stuffed animals, you anchor your furniture to the wall, and you put them in a rear-facing car seat in the back seat of your vehicle. When they’re toddlers, you lock all the cabinets, put bumpers on sharp corners of tables, and put up gates to keep them away from stairs.

As they get a little older, you teach them to wear sunscreen, to make sure to look both ways before crossing the street, and to wear a helmet and pads when they’re on bikes, skateboards, or roller skates. Just a short while later, you’re teaching them about “stranger danger”, to watch out getting on and off the bus, and to lock the door when they’re home alone.

Time flies by and soon you’re teaching them the dangers of misusing medication, the risks of distracted driving, and to be aware of their surroundings when they’re out at night.

At this point, they’re almost adults and you’ve taught them the best you can, but you still want to make sure they aren’t getting into anything they shouldn’t be. This is where Heartland Security can help.

Heartland Security offers sensors (the same kind used on doors and windows) that can be used in places such as a medicine cabinet, liquor cabinet, gun cabinet, file cabinet, jewelry case, or dresser drawer. With this type of sensor, you can see if and when a cabinet, case, or drawer was opened. You can also have a motion-activated image sensor from so that you receive an image to see what’s happening.

Let’s say you’ve got a liquor cabinet in the dining room. You can set up a door sensor on it and add an image sensor to the room so that whenever someone enters the room, you get an image of it. You’re out one night with your spouse and left your child at home with a babysitter when suddenly an alert pops up on your phone with an image of your babysitter moving through the dining room towards the liquor cabinet. The app on your phone also tells you the liquor cabinet has been opened. You can make the choice of what to do next, but you’ve got proof your babysitter was doing something they shouldn’t have been.

Another situation: your child is old enough to be left home alone. You want to make sure they’re not getting into places they shouldn’t be. You check the app on your phone and see the medicine cabinet was opened. Were they getting something for a headache or maybe getting into something they shouldn’t be? You can call to check in and make sure they’re feeling okay, telling them you saw the medicine cabinet was opened. 

These are just a few examples of how door/window sensors can be used on things besides outer doors and windows. Whatever you’d like to protect, Heartland Security can help.

As parents, we want the best for our kids and we want to protect them, no matter what age they are. A security system from Heartland Security can help you do that. Contact us today for a free security analysis and we can create a customized solution to help protect your family.