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Smart Homes and Security Systems are No Longer Separate

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According to a 2017 Park Associates survey, 75% of all home security installations now include smart home controls and features. So many homeowners now enjoy the convenience of a smart home with a security system hub, it’s incredibly common to include smart home features in security system installations.

Buying a home with technology upgrades has almost become standard, just as it has with buying a car. Most cars now come with “optional” upgrades such as a navigation system, Bluetooth capability, and back-up camera. It’s almost hard to find a new vehicle without those technology upgrades included. The same thing is happening with the housing market. 

According to a recent survey by Coldwell Banker, 50% of people say smart home technology is important for their current home or next home purchase. The most desired smart home devices are thermostats, sensors, alarms, and lighting. But garage door openers, video doorbells, and cameras aren’t far behind. And, with a smart home security system, all of these features are able to be controlled through one single app. Plus, many smart home devices work with voice-controlled devices such as the Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Having home security cameras has become more normalized because they can be so useful. Image quality has improved, interfaces are easier to use than ever before, and devices are more intelligent so you don’t get a video notification every time a squirrel runs through your yard. You can check in on pets, watch your kids come home, or check in on your home at any time.

Video doorbells too have grown in popularity because homeowners can now be notified and watch when a package is dropped off. Then, if someone comes by to steal it, you get alerted and there is also a video clip of the thief.

If you don’t have smart home features or a security system, now might be just the time to check into it. With more options than ever before, smart home security is more affordable than ever. For more information about how you can benefit from a smart home security system, schedule a free security analysis today!

Source: Brian Lohse, “Video: The Key Residential Market Driver,” Security Dealer & Integrator