picture showing gun-shaped cell phone cases

The Threat from Gun-Shaped iPhone Cases

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picture showing gun-shaped cell phone cases
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Police across the country are worried about the latest cell phone cases that come in the shape of a gun. From Iowa to Alabama to New Jersey, police are denouncing the gun-shaped iPhone case.

The cases are available in black, white, and pink, and are made by foreign manufacturers and imported from Asia.

Facebook post from the New Jersey Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office about the topic went viral, with almost 15,000 shares. Explaining that police officers could easily mistake these types of cases for real weapons, police across the country have now asked consumers not to buy the cases.

New York Senator Chuck Schumer has called for a ban on the sale of gun-shaped phone cases. He believes the cases don’t follow federal regulations that toy and imitation guns must have an orange mark at the end of the barrel to identify them.

Realistic-looking fake weapons can easily lead to misunderstandings, especially in volatile situations. According to the New York Times, “Michael J. Bouchard, a Michigan sheriff, said last week there was too much potential for dangerous misunderstanding if a student walked into a school or a person walked into a bank with one of the cases.”

The New Jersey State Police posted on Facebook about this issue, recommending “that you do not use this product both for your own safety and the safety of law enforcement officers.” One police officer in Alabama was quoted saying “I can think of no worse idea for a phone case. Why would you want to make yourself look like a threat? And just by answering your phone you’ll look like you have a gun to your head. Wow. Bad, bad idea.” (BringMeTheNews)

And if the shape of the case isn’t enough to make people think twice, there is also a “Russian roulette app that turns the phone’s screen into a gun barrel, making the phone case part of a game.” (New York Times)

Prices for the case range from $5 to $50, with most under $10. Some retailers are even warning of slow shipping due to high demand.

For your safety and the safety of others, it’s probably a good idea to stay away from these types of phone cases.

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