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Average Price of Monthly Monitoring for a Security System

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Much like how the price of a security system can change depending on features, the monthly price you’ll pay for a company to monitor your security system will also vary.

One factor influencing your monthly cost is how much you pay upfront for your alarm system. If you have a lower down payment, you’ll most likely pay more for monthly monitoring throughout the length of your contract.

Another thing to keep in mind is the price of service calls. If something goes wrong with your system, will your security company have someone local who can come out? How much will they charge? We’ve found that companies with lower introductory prices and/or monthly monitoring tend to charge more for service calls. If you go with a lower starting price, please bear in mind that you may be paying more if anything goes wrong with your system.

Average price of monitoring for a security system

The lowest monthly cost for a security system tends to include only basic 24/7 monitoring. If you don’t have a landline and need a cellular communicator, you’ll probably see an increase in your monthly charge. Also, if you have smart home features, that could be an additional charge.

We researched 38 competitors in our coverage area and compared their average low and high prices for security system monitoring with ours. Here’s what we found:

  • Average low price of $24.11/month
  • Average high price of $40.42/month
  • Monthly monitoring charges ranged from $13.95/month to $68.99/month

In regards to our prices, we’re not the lowest and we’re not the highest, but our average monthly rate is almost 15% lower than the average low price of our competitors. Plus we’ve got great customer service, a local response center, local technicians, local salespeople, and we’re locally owned by 14 electric cooperatives. We’d love to help you with your security needs and give you peace of mind with 24/7/365 monitoring.

Updated August 8, 2016