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Can You Take Over My Current Security System?

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picture of a U-Haul truck with a ramp down in a driveway

Whether you just moved into a home with a security system or you’ve had one in your house but no longer have a monitoring contract, we can help with that. We frequently run into these situations and can definitely work with you to get you a monitored security system that’s up and running.

Moving to a new house that already has an alarm system

When you move into a house that has an alarm system, the first thing you’ll want to do is find out what kind of equipment you have. Take a picture of the equipment and get in touch with one of our sales associates. We can either reprogram it or update the system.

Alarm system in your house but not in use

If you installed a security system and you never renewed the monitoring contract, you don’t have to work with your former company. We are able to take over your current system and contract, although you may need to get some different equipment.

No matter what your situation, if you have an alarm system and want to get it up and running again with 24/7 monitoring, we can help you. We take over any kind of system, although you may need to replace certain equipment. Contact us today for more information – we’ll come out to your house for a free consultation!