picture of a green pen and notebook with the words "Call List"

How to Select People for Your Security System Call List

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picture of a green pen and notebook with the words "Call List"

If you’re in the process of getting a monitored security system, you’ll need to select people for your call list. The response center that monitors your system will need to have a list of people to call in case an alarm is triggered. It’s important to select the right people and to make sure they know their responsibilities.

Who to select for your call list

We suggest a minimum of 3 people on your call list with a mix of family, friends, and neighbors. For example, if you only have family listed and you’re all at a function with poor cell reception so no one answers their phone, there will be no way to reach anyone about an issue with your system. It’s good to have someone in your neighborhood that will be close to your home/business.

If you go out of town, you can always give temporary orders. You can add someone on to the call list for a short time or even add the hotel you’re staying at.

Their responsibilities

Whoever you select for your call list should be responsible and someone that you’re willing to give your security system password to. They’ll need to give the password to the monitoring station in the case of an alarm to stop an emergency personnel dispatch or to acknowledge a service concern, such as a low battery. If a maintenance issue were to occur, the authorized person could tell the response center to stop calling about it.

Adding someone to your call list also gives them the ability to authorize something if an issue occurs such as a water issue, furnace failure, burglary, or fire.

What you need to do

When you’re selecting people for your call list, you’ll want to make sure the people you select have the security system company’s phone number and a way to enter the site. You can supply a key, have a key in a lockbox, or use keyless smart locks. The people on your call list should also know how to arm/disarm the system. It’s also good for them to know how to power down the system in the case of a lightning strike or other catastrophic issue. They should know where the battery is located as well as the power for the unit.

You’ll want to make sure that if there is a lock on the control box that you have a key available. The main CPU generally has a lock and key, and in a residential setting, the key tends to stay in the door. However, for a commercial setting, the key may be located on top of the box or somewhere near the box.

Creating a call list for the monitoring station is a very important part of setting up your security system. Make sure to choose people you can trust who can make decisions about your home or business.