Meet the Belle W medical alert system

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Take peace of mind wherever you go with the new Belle W medical alert system. The latest style of this mobile medical alert system can be worn as a bracelet, or pendant. Belle W uses high-quality microphones and speakers, enabling you to speak with the monitoring center at the push of a button. These operators use wi-fi and cellular location services to quickly send help to your location. Belle W works anywhere in the U.S. where 4G LTE cellular coverage is available, and is certified on the AT&T and Verizon networks. 

Besides being convenient and subtle, Belle W is also lightweight and water-resistant. A status light allows the wearer to see when a call is in progress, and when the device needs charging.

The Belle W only needs to be charged every few days, making it long-lasting and convenient to take with you while out and about. An optional fall detection feature is also available at no extra cost. If you’d like something with a longer battery life, consider the Belle LTE, which is a pendant-style medical alert device with a battery life of up to 30 days.

Heartland Security will mail you your new Belle W and provide phone support setup for $99. In some locations, an in-person setup option is also available for $199. Monthly monitoring costs $49.95.

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