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Save money on insurance premiums with a home security system

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Break-ins are an unfortunate reality. Instead of having to replace stolen items, or worse yet, the loss of irreplaceable treasures, investing in a home security system can help prevent such incidents. A home security system not only helps protect your home, pets, and precious belongings, but can also help save money on insurance premiums throughout the year.

With the rapidly rising cost of homeowners insurance, taking advantage of any available discounts can help keep costs manageable. One commonly overlooked way to save is to install a home security system. A recent review of several top insurance companies shows that the average homeowner can save approximately 5-15% annually on their homeowners insurance premiums by installing an eligible home security system.  

A home security system doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Many insurance companies recognize basic intrusion protection security systems which include door sensors, glass break sensors, door sensors, and motion detectors sufficient to qualify for a discount. These are available with a basic home intrusion security system from Heartland Security.   

Requirements for eligibility can vary significantly among insurance providers. Some carriers have requirements that the system be professionally monitored. All new Heartland Security systems are monitored locally by WH International Response Center, a leading national monitoring center. Heartland also offers a wide variety of equipment, custom-tailored to meet your needs.   

 You don’t need to wait for your insurance policy renewal to lower your rates; most companies will offer an immediate discount when you inform them of your new home security system. Reach out to your insurance provider to see how you can start saving today. Heartland Security can then develop a quote based upon your insurance requirements. Call 888-264-6380 to get your free quote.