picture of a security screen on a crank window

Security Screens in a Security System

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picture of a security screen on a crank window

Security screens are good for keeping people in a residence as well as keeping intruders out. They are typically used in group home settings or other monitored facilities, although they may also be helpful in a home with small children. Security screens can be made to fit any size window.

Advantages of having security screens

Unlike window sensors, security screens allow you to open the windows while still maintaining the perimeter protection. With a window sensor, you can’t arm the system if a window is open. Security screens give you the freedom to leave your windows open on beautiful summer days and know that your home and valuables are still protected.

Drawbacks to security system screens

However, security screens aren’t often used in security systems for a few reasons:

picture of a damaged security screen
  1. People don’t know about them
  2. They can be expensive – around 4x as much as a window sensor or 2x as much as a glass break sensor
  3. If a screen is damaged, you will need to replace it at the same price you originally paid 

How to clean screens that are part of a security system

When you need to clean a security screen, you simply remove the screen from the window, clean the screen, and reinstall the screen. If you have multiple screens to clean, we recommend removing and cleaning one at a time to avoid confusion about which screen goes with which window.

Although security screens can be more expensive than other window/glass options in a security system, they let you rest easy knowing that your home is completely covered and protected at all times, even when the windows are open. While they may be have a larger initial cost, the convenience and peace of mind are a worthwhile investment.

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Updated July 21, 2016