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National Night Out is August 4, 2015

National Night Out is Tuesday, August 4, 2015, where people across the country lock their doors, turn on their outside lights, and hang out with neighbors, police, and other community members. On the second Tuesday of August every year, National Night Out focuses on crime prevention awareness and uniting our communities. NNO was founded in […]

Over 200 Traffic Fatalities in Minnesota Already This Year

We’re just over halfway through the year and public safety officials are worried about the number of people who have been killed in car accidents this year. With 206 deaths so far this year, there has been a 21 percent increase in the number of traffic fatalities from last year.  Motorcyclist deaths have had the biggest increase […]

Swap Spots: If you’re selling items online, here’s where to meet

If you’re in a Facebook garage sale group or you use Craigslist to buy and sell used items, it can be hard to figure out a good place to meet. You want a public place, but even then you may still be a little uneasy. And with several high-profile murders/violent crimes associated with Craigslist this year, safety […]

The Threat from Gun-Shaped iPhone Cases

Police across the country are worried about the latest cell phone cases that come in the shape of a gun. From Iowa to Alabama to New Jersey, police are denouncing the gun-shaped iPhone case. The cases are available in black, white, and pink, and are made by foreign manufacturers and imported from Asia. A Facebook post from […]

4th of July Safety: The 2 Biggest Dangers

Celebrating Independence Day with fireworks, grilling, and family get-togethers is a tradition for many. However, the July 4 holiday is one of the most dangerous holidays. Whether you’re driving or lighting fireworks, make sure you take the proper steps to remain safe. 1. Fireworks safety According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, on average in […]

New Laws in Minnesota on July 1, 2015 that Will Affect You

On July 1, 2015, several new laws went into effect in Minnesota. Many of these new laws may directly affect your life, so we’ve broken them down: Medical marijuana Bingo Foreclosure notices Uber drivers Crime Education Nonprofit childcare licensing requirements Political donation refund program ends Telemedicine Pay raises for judges and court staff Railways Long-term […]

Stiffer DWI Penalties in Minnesota Coming in August 2015

In Minnesota, driving with a blood-alcohol concentration of .08 is a misdemeanor offense. Starting in August, the limit for a gross misdemeanor DWI offense is lowering from .20 to .16. So what does this mean? A Star Tribune analysis estimated a 71 percent increase in the number of DWI gross misdemeanors a year, totalling almost […]

What is Carbon Monoxide Poisoning? Symptoms to Watch For

Even though most cases of carbon monoxide poisoning occur during the winter, carbon monoxide poisoning can occur at any time of the year. A recent case from June 9, 2015 shows the deadliness of this silent killer. Carbon monoxide, or CO, is a colorless, odorless gas. It is produced by burning fuel or from fuel-burning appliances. Carbon […]

How to Keep Your Home Secure When You’re on Vacation

Of course, we should know by now not to post on social media about taking an upcoming trip, but we don’t always think of everything else we can do to protect our home and valuables while we’re away. Rather than being on vacation and worrying about the security of your home, take a moment to […]

Kids and Cars: Anyone can forget a child in a car

During the summer months, forgetting a child in a car for even a short time can be deadly. Between 1999 and 2007, 28 deaths occured when children were left in a car for less than an hour. On average, 38 children die every year from heat-related deaths after being left in cars. These incidents typically […]