iPhone showing thermostat control from app

What devices can be controlled with a smart home security system?

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With through Heartland Security, you can control several smart devices in your home all from one app on your smartphone. From this app, you can conveniently control your thermostats, lighting, garage doors, locks, and even appliances remotely. Setting up schedules for your smart devices can also save you money.


iPhone showing thermostat control from app

Create a schedule for your thermostat based on when you’ll be home or away. During summer, set your house to warm up when no one’s home during the day and cool down when you’ll be home in the evening. Or in the winter, do the opposite – chill the house down during the day and warm it up at night. If things change from your normal routine, you can quickly and easily change the thermostat temperature from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Temperature control can also be a great feature for cabins or second homes where you won’t be there year-round.


iPhone showing locking control from app

Tired of scrambling to find your house key? Afraid someone might find your hidden key? With smart keyless locks, you can easily lock and unlock your doors from your smartphone. It’s also a handy feature if you or someone else in your house tends to forget their keys.

By connecting your devices, you can set your smart home security system to automatically disarm when you unlock the doors. Another option is to set a schedule to lock your doors at certain times of the day (for example, between 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., when you won’t be home).

Garage Doors

iPhone showing garage door control from app

Ever leave home and forget whether you closed your garage door? Garage doors are another device you can control with a smart home security system. To get this feature, you must have a compatible garage door opener already installed and wi-fi in the home.

With the app, checking whether your garage door is open or closed is simple. And it’s much easier than turning around to drive home and check your garage door!


iPad showing lighting control from app

As part of a smart security system, you can control your lights in every room, all from your smartphone. You can even control dimmers. If you like a light on when you get home in the evening, but don’t want to leave a light on all day, you can simply use your smartphone to turn the light on as you’re leaving work. If you’ll be away on vacation, you can schedule your lights to turn on and off to make it appear as if someone is home.

Small Appliances

As seen in the picture above, another way you can use your smart security system is to automatically feed your pets. You can automate an electric feeder at 3 a.m. to prevent a hungry pet from waking you up or humanely trap unwanted animal houseguests ( You can also automate small appliances like a coffee maker to turn on in the morning before you get up.

Automating your small appliances doesn’t tend to save you a large amount of money, but it can provide a level of convenience and another layer to your smart home.

A smart home security system gives you the peace of mind from 24/7 professional monitoring and the convenience of remotely controlling all your smart devices from one app. With innovative smart devices to make your life more convenient and save you money, now is a great time to turn your house into a smart home.

Updated August 1, 2016