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How Do I Arm My Security System When I’m Staying Home?

Do you wonder if you can arm your security system while at home but worry about setting off the┬ámotion detectors? We’ll explain the different arming modes and how to arm your system whether you’re home or on your way out. When might you want to arm your system in “stay” mode? If you leave the […]

How Long is a Contract for a Security System with Monitoring?

When you get a security system with monitoring, you’ll have some options about the length of your contract. This may depend on the amount of your down payment – if you pay more up front, you may be eligible for a shorter contract. However, some companies may have a standard contract no matter how much you […]

Average Price of Monthly Monitoring for a Security System

Much like how the price of a security system can change depending on features, the monthly price you’ll pay for a company to monitor your security system will also vary. One factor influencing your monthly cost is how much you pay upfront for your alarm system. If you have a lower down payment, you’ll most likely pay […]

Why Do I Need a Cellular Communicator if I Already Have a Cell Phone?

Many people often get confused about this issue. It’s important to know what a cellular communicator does and why you might need one. If you no longer have a landline but want a monitored security system, you’ll need a cellular communicator. This acts as a cell phone for your security system, but it’s not a cell […]

Can You Take Over My Current Security System?

Whether you just moved into a home with a security system or you’ve had one in your house but no longer have a monitoring contract, we can help with that. We frequently run into these situations and can definitely work with you to get you a monitored security system that’s up and running. Moving to […]

What Happens When Your Security System Alarm Goes Off?

This is often the first question we hear from people considering a security system. When you’re thinking about getting a security system, you don’t want the police knocking down your door if you accidentally trigger the alarm. With 2-call verification, the chances of the police coming out for a false alarm are reduced. When your […]

Can I Get a Security System if I Don’t Have Internet?

Here at Heartland Security, we often run into people who want to know if they can still have a security system if they don’t have Internet. It’s a great question and is becoming more common with the decrease in landline phones and the increase in the amount of smartphones with data plans. We’ll go over […]

How Does a Thermostat Work With a Security System?

As smart home security experts, we often encounter people who are interested in how their thermostat can work with their security system. It’s a great question, and we’ll explain the benefits to having your thermostat tied into your smart home security system. With smart home security features in a security system, you can adjust the […]

What Do I Do When my Alarm System is Beeping?

There could be many reasons why your security system is beeping. If it’s Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., call our main office at 888-264-6380 and we’ll have you speak with our in-office technician, Chuck. If you’re outside of our normal business hours, call our response center number at 800-858-7811 and ask for […]

What Happens to my Security System When the Power Goes Out?

With several summer storms, we’ve received many calls from customers with security system battery issues. We’ll answer some common questions about what happens to your security system when the power goes out. 1. ls my alarm system functional? Yes! All alarm systems have a source of back-up power. That back-up power will have at least […]