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A Cellular Communicator in a Security System

No landline? No problem. Like many households, you probably don’t have a landline. Even without a landline, you can still have a monitored security system as long as you get a cellular communicator. Cellular communicators function as the primary method of communication between your alarm system and the 24/7 response center. They communicate with the […]

Water Sensors in a Security System

If spring leaves you with a sinking feeling because you know your sump pump will start running, a water sensor could help you. As part of a security system, water sensors are designed to alert you to potential water issues, such as a failing sump pump, drain back-up, or sewer back-up, before costly damage occurs. […]

Sirens and Strobes in a Security System

Written by Chuck Amundson As an in-office technician, I get asked a lot of times, “Should I have an outdoor siren or indoor siren for my alarm system?” Many people think their neighbors will check out their house if the siren were blasting in the neighborhood. That may be true in some cases, but not […]

Key Fobs in a Security System

Much like a remote start for a vehicle, key fobs provide a convenient way to arm and disarm a security system without standing right by the keypad. Just like a remote start, you must be within a small distance to the house, generally around 50 feet. You can also use a key fob within a […]

Carbon Monoxide Detectors in a Security System

Carbon monoxide detectors are designed to monitor levels of carbon monoxide – a colorless, odorless gas also known as “the silent killer.” Carbon monoxide detectors search for the presence of carbon monoxide (CO) and a siren sounds if too much CO is present. CO detectors are essentially time weighted — they can sound off if there […]

Glass Break Sensors in a Security System

Glass break sensors are designed to detect when windows or other glass break. We’ll show you a glass break sensor installation and explain how glass break sensors work. How Glass Break Sensors Work Glass break sensors look for 2 things: 1. The sonic vibration created when an object hits a window. 2. The sound and […]

Motion Detectors in a Security System

A motion detector is designed to detect any kind of motion and uses heat patterns in a room to detect movement. We’ll walk you through a wireless motion detector installation and explain how motion detectors work. Looking for Heat Motion detectors look for heat, but certain wired kinds can also look for microwave reflections or […]

Door Sensors in a Security System

Also called a door position switch, door sensors monitor if a door is opened or closed. But how? Many door sensors use a magnet to determine the position of the door. This magnet is often placed at the top of the door. Inside each door sensor is a read switch, or two metal pieces, inside […]