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7 Things You Need to Know to Avoid Phone Scams

Given the recent multitude of reports of phone scams attempting to get personal and/or financial information, we wanted to inform you about some of the types of phone scams that you may experience the next time you pick up the phone. Here are 7 important things you need to know about scammers: 1. Everyone is […]

New Laws in Minnesota in 2015 that Will Affect You

On January 1, 2015, several new laws went into effect in Minnesota. Many of these new laws may directly affect your life, so we’ve broken them down into sections: boats, driving, nurses, expungement, and lifeguards. 1. Boats If you trailer a boat or water-related equipment like docks and lifts, you must take Aquatic Invasive Species […]

7 Ways to Prevent Space Heater Fires

It definitely feels like winter now and you’re probably getting your space heater going to warm things up. But heating equipment, such as space heaters, is the second leading cause of house fires and deaths (NFPA). We’ve got 7 ways you can safely use space heaters to prevent house fires. Here’s some scary statistics based […]

How to Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Winter: The Silent Killer

With a streak of cold weather now upon us, Heartland Security wants you to know how to prevent carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning, as this silent killer takes more than 430 lives every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Though you cannot see or smell carbon monoxide, CO poisoning is entirely preventable. Almost […]

Fire Safety During the Holidays

Holiday fires are a common occurrence during the holiday season. The most common causes of holiday-related fires are candles and Christmas trees. Candle Fires The time of the year for the most home candle fires is December, with Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Year’s Day the top three days of the year for home candle […]

Flu Symptoms, Vaccination Information, and Preventive Actions

You’ve heard it before – winter is coming and so is the flu. So how can you keep yourself and your family healthy? Our 5-step checklist will help you keep the sniffles away. Certain people are at greater risk for serious complications if they get the flu. This includes older people, young children, pregnant women, […]

What You Should Be Doing Right Now to Safeguard Your Valuables

Every day in Minnesota, over 60 homes are broken into, and only about 15% of those burglars, or 9 out of 60, will ever be caught. A story by the Twin Cities CBS TV affiliate, WCCO, emphasized that to prevent burglary, it’s important to think like a burglar. Here’s what you should be doing right now to […]

Thanksgiving Safety: Thawing, Preparing, and Cooking Your Turkey

Thanksgiving safety is not something that generally comes to mind when you think of the holiday. But one fire chief explains that Thanksgiving is the day when most structure fires occur. While you should always have working smoke detectors, take the extra step to make sure they’re working just in case you drip a little too much grease […]

5 Tips for Safe Holiday Shopping

It’s getting to be that time of the year – time to shop! With Black Friday just around the corner, take a few minutes to consider how to protect yourself and your valuables as you’re out shopping for all those sale-priced goodies. These five tips can help you keep your car and purchases safe while shopping: […]

October is Window Covering Safety Month

Window Covering Cords Pose Danger The Window Covering Safety Council has named October as National Window Covering Safety Month. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, between 1996 and 2012, close to 200 infants and young children died of strangulation from window cords and another 100 were injured. Parents and caregivers of young children are encouraged to use […]